Bed and Breakfasts vs Hotels

Hotels and bed and breakfasts are both great options in terms of accommodation when travelling, each with their own benefits and perks. Here are some of the main differences between the two and considerations when choosing one type of accommodation:

  • Breakfast; at a bed and breakfast, typically the breakfast is included in the price. Further, the breakfast here is homemade and likely shows off local flavours and cuisine, whereas hotel breakfasts tend to be more generic in nature and can be an added cost.
  • Water and in-room features; these are an increased price in hotels and are actually one of the biggest requests and reviewed topics in hotels and accommodation. Things such as water are free at a bed and breakfast.
  • Internet and television; wifi is offered in both hotels and bed and breakfasts. Depending on the location, wifi strength and reliability can be more questionable at bed and breakfasts, as often it is one network or even a home router, whereas hotels have large, corporate systems. However, often the wifi in bed and breakfast is free, and in hotels, it can be an added expense. Television isn’t always a guarantee in a bed and breakfast, but it is in a large hotel.
  • Customer service; choosing between a hotel and a bed and breakfast when it comes to customer service is entirely dependent on what you’re looking for. Hotels have huge staff numbers, with more people available to help you with everything from checking in to room service. Bed and breakfasts, despite having a smaller team, are often family run and therefore the service expected can be high quality.
  • Social interaction; interaction with other guests is not the norm at large hotels whereas, at a bed and breakfast, the setting is smaller and more intimate and therefore communication with guests is both reasonable and encouraged; guests even eat breakfast together. Bed and breakfasts often also offer happy hours to help guests to get to know each other and to get to know the owners and their surroundings.
  • Parking; hotels, especially the bigger ones, often have large parking garages with plenty of parking spots. Parking at bed and breakfasts is smaller in number but is usually free and included in the price you pay for your room.
  • Location; hotels can be found in almost every area of a city or region and are certainly not hard to come by in most places. Bed and breakfasts are fewer in number but can be, and often are, located in the more local and culturally enriching neighbourhoods. The experience of staying in a bed and breakfast is often closer to living like a local than that of staying in a hotel; however, a hotel offers the convenience of location and reliability.