Decorating your B&B

If you plan to rent out rooms to paying guests on a short term basis, you need to make sure that they are nicely decorated and comfortable. People need to feel as though they are in a home from home so that they can relax and enjoy their stay.

A colour scheme

Finding the right colour scheme for your B&B rooms is essential. Try not to go over the top with the scheme. Select a colour and use this as the basis of your room. Take a look at for a few ideas on how your colour scheme can make an impact.

Consider recreating the look of a boutique hotel using richly patterned wallpaper, but you don’t have to use this on all the walls in the room. has plenty of great choices. Finish off the look by adding accessories in just one colour that you’ve picked out from the wallpaper.

You can also consider having different colour schemes for different rooms. As an example, you might want to have a family room in a calm, neutral colour scheme, while a room that you market for romantic weekends for couples could be in a much more luxurious scheme.