How a Bed and Breakfast Can Increase Profits

Running a successful bed and breakfast can be challenging, with the market being competitive and needing to find new ways of attracting customers and boosting profits. Here are some effective methods for a bed and breakfast to increase profits without having to compromise on the quality of the business.

Additional Product Offerings

Bed and breakfast businesses don’t have to limit themselves to only providing the typical breakfast and a room to sleep. One way of increasing profits amongst existing customers, and attracting new ones, would be to offer different products for purchase. Having the option to Buy snus can allow a customers cravings for nicotine to be satisfied without having to go outside. Typically smoking and vaping isn’t allowed inside a bed an breakfast, which can be off putting to customers who smoke and want to be catered for in other ways. The benefit of Snus is it allows the user to get nicotine in a discreet way, coming in a variety of flavours without leaving behind a trail of smoke or vapour. Snus can even assist users in quitting smoking and improving their health.

Other products your bed and breakfast could sell could include drinks and snacks throughout the day, or even provide the option to hire entertainment such as DVDs or games consoles.