Decor Tips for B&B Owners

Running a bed and breakfast establishment is not as simple as just providing a place to sleep. The whole experience should be memorable and unique to ensure the guests come back and build loyalty. This includes the quality of the breakfast, perhaps focusing on local produce, and ensuring the rooms are comfortable and attractive. Just a few prints in eye-catching frames can make all the difference.

Enhancing Guest Rooms with the Right Picture Frames

Guests will probably spend some considerable time in their rooms, so the rooms need to be appealing and welcoming. Each room could have a different theme, with appropriate prints and frames chosen from Desenio, the renowned online retailer. For example, a vintage theme would benefit from ornate, antique-style frames, and gold or copper would work well. For more modern decor, minimalist, sleek frames would complement the room.

Creating a Story Through Artwork

The placement of the prints also needs to be considered; it’s not just about the images. Ideally, the frames should be placed at eye level, in a place where they can easily be seen, such as above the bed. A gallery wall is an interesting idea, particularly if the artwork tells a story or if it is based on the local area. For example, a coastal bed and breakfast could display frames that contain nautical maps, ocean photography or seashell collages.

In a bustling city bed and breakfast, there are likely to be suitable prints at Desenio that feature famous landmarks or buildings. This will give the guests a more meaningful connection to the places they are visiting. The artwork could be rotated on a seasonal basis to keep it fresh and exciting.

Spending time on the decor will pay off in the long run, ensuring guest satisfaction and repeat visitors.