What makes a good bed and breakfast?

Anyone wanting to take a break for a few days will know that not all bed and breakfasts are created equal. While most are perfectly comfortable, there are some B&B owners that will go the extra mile to make their guests feel at home. So, what should you look for?


A B&B should always make sure that they offer good quality furniture and soft furnishings. They do not have to be the most expensive items but given the amount of wear and tear that they will get, good quality items will last longer. Guests will always notice if bed linen is threadbare and stained and good B&B owners will make sure that it isn’t. Look for signs of wear and tear in the carpets and curtains.

A good B&B should also have enough storage space for your clothes. While many people will stay in a B&B for one or two nights, some will want to be there for a week or more. A good B&B will have a wardrobe and drawer storage that is spacious enough to hold all of your clothes for a week at least. Why not make the most of having that time away to treat yourself to a few new clothes? Shop for a few key items at https://www.na-kd.com/en that will help to make your trip away from it all a stylish one too. If you are staying at a B&B in the city, pick up a simple but elegant dress for an evening at a restaurant or theatre. A good quality coat is also a must for those cooler days while you are sightseeing.

A good welcome

Another key point is how welcome you feel when you arrive at the B&B. A good owner will make sure that they are there to greet you when you arrive and will even put together a welcome pack. This should include details of places to visit, good places to eat and might even include a few discounts for you. A friendly and helpful attitude is one that is sure to bring guests back time after time and a few extras such as a small fridge in the room and tea and coffee making facilities will go a long way to making the place feel like a home away from home.

A good price

Most people expect to pay a slightly higher price for good quality surroundings and service but at the same time when it comes to B&Bs we expect them to be competitive. Owners who have done their research into their competition will know what would constitute a fair price for a stay at their establishment. Guests who book in only to find that the facilities are poor but they are paying more than they would at the B&B down the road will definitely not be making a return trip.