Things to Expect at a Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast or B&B sound quite self-explanatory; a facility that offers clients a bed to sleep in as well as breakfast in the morning. For travellers and tourists who have stayed at a B&B, as well as people who have owned these facilities, there are other amenities offered depending on the needs of each visitor. If you like travelling or are an avid hotel goer and have never tried out a B&B, then this article is for you.


As the name B&B suggests, breakfast is one of the top amenities you will find at the facility. B&B facilities have an elaborate menu from where you can order what you want for breakfast. Some B&B’s serve breakfast in a communal area where people eat together with many hotels using to find the best decor for the communal areas. In contrast, others provide room service for those who wish to dine privately.

Special Amenities

Some modern B&Bs offer some specialised amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, balconies, decks or hot-tubs. Though these amenities may be provided in hotels, B&Bs are more private because of the fewer rooms and number of guests.

Diet Oriented and Fresh Food

Most B&Bs have a chef onsite making it easy for them to prepare fresh meals and also take into consideration the customer’s dietary needs. Another thing to note about the B&Bs is that their food is freshly prepared.