Oldest Bed and Breakfasts in the World

Some bed and breakfasts are situated in buildings with longstanding and deep-rooted history. Here are a few historic and charming bed and breakfasts with a story to tell:

  • Hever Castle Luxury Bed & Breakfast; located in Kent, this bed and breakfast is in a building which dates back to the thirteenth century and is located in an old castle. The accommodation is luxurious, and the facilities have been updated with the integrity of the historic building being maintained, giving guests and visitors a peek back in time.
  • The Old Lock-Up is located in Derbyshire and used to be a jail building but is now a luxurious bed and breakfast. There are four well-decorated guest rooms with en suite bathrooms. It has modern touches with a historic feel.
  • Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan; this hotel is located in Japan and dates back as far as 705 AD. Even more, interestingly, it has been owned by the same family and has been passed down for 52 generations.
  • Zum Roten Baeren; this is actually not a bed and breakfast but is a hotel and is the oldest hotel in Europe, located in a small town in Germany.