Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

Because bed and breakfasts exist all over the world, the expectations of visitors, the rules and the etiquette for them vary depending on the country and even the region. Some relatively universal etiquette to remember is as follows:

  • Tipping; the bed and breakfast is most likely owned and operated by a family or by a group of people with a small number of staff. This means that they work hard to make sure your vacation experience is near perfect. Tip these staff if you can; every little bit counts.
  • Breakfast; often there is a set time for breakfast, and so guests are asked to show up at that time to enjoy their meal. It is not always expected or mandatory to eat with other guests, but it is encouraged as it can be an enriching experience. Guests are permitted and able to take their meals back to their rooms as well.
  • Pets; some bed and breakfasts allow pets, others do not. It is essential to check with the owners, especially if the policies or rules are not explicitly posted on their website or in their information.